About Us

About Danny Prosser (Right)
I started Danny's Wine in 2012. At the time, I was working for Charlie Palmer Restaurant Group as the Wine Director. During my time there I had introduced a monthly wine class series that was open to the public. Our first class started with 6, then 12, then 24, it was a hit. I was approached by a member of the Irvine Company who suggested we offer these to classes to their residents. Danny's Wine is currently one of the top vendors for the Irvine Company teaching events for over 400 of their residents on a monthly basis. In addition, we have hosted events for Yahoo, Edward Jones, Symetra and other corporations.

When people ask how I got into wine, my simple answer is "I tripped and fell". During a stint of job exploration, I decided to go back to school and pick up a restaurant job. Like any job, you are given your training manual, you study your products, slap on a smile and you are on your way. I started as the newbie and worked mainly lunches doing everything I could to increase my checks. I sold more $19 steak salads then anyone. The next thing I noticed was people would love getting a glass of wine with lunch. The most popular wine we sold during lunch was Chardonnay, of which we had two, one for $12 and another for $20 a glass. A glass! At 22 years young I was shocked people would pay this much for a glass of wine. I then took it upon myself to understand why someone should pay $20 for this glass of wine. After a few months of self study and "experimentation" I fell in love and, I am proud to say that after 10 years of professional study, real world experience and of course more "experimentation", I am still in love. 

My goal is to introduce you wines based on a combination of quality, value and uniqueness. 

Matthew Daffron - Left

Matthew Daffron grew up in Quito Ecuador, South America and at 19 years old made his way home to the States. Almost immediately he fell in love with the restaurant business. He found himself in Tucson, AZ where he lived and breathed food and wine. After almost 20 years in the food and wine industry, he had an opportunity to be a guest speaker for Pima Community College, Southern Arizona Chefs Association and the Green Valley Wine Fair. He fell in love with all things wine. In 2014, Matthew decided it was time for a change and moved to Orange County, CA. Keeping wine education as his main focus and passion.