About Danny

When people ask how I got into wine, my simple answer is "I tripped and fell". During a stint of job exploration, I decided to go back to school and pick up a restaurant job. Like any job, you are given your training manual, you study your products, slap on a smile and you are on your way. I started as the newbie and worked mainly lunches doing everything I could to increase my checks. I sold more $19 steak salads then anyone. The next thing I noticed was people would love getting a glass of wine with lunch. The most popular wine we sold during lunch was Chardonnay, of which we had two, one for $12 and another for $20 a glass. A glass! At 22 years young I was shocked people would pay this much for a glass of wine. I then took it upon myself to understand why someone should pay $20 for this glass of wine. After a few months of self study and "experimentation" I fell in love and, I am proud to say that after 10 years of professional study, real world experience and of course more "experimentation", I am still in love. 

My goal is to introduce you wines based on a combination of quality, value and uniqueness.